Who Came?

Vernon "Wez" Wells
Special Guest
Rode in the Black-on-Black

Chris "Pulse" Fenner

Mad Max-inspired Black-on-black KZ1000
Karol Bartoszynski
RoadwarUSA.com & MadMaxCostumes.com
John "Mitch" Mitchell
"John Goss Special" Falcon
Evan "Mad" Maxwell

Ford Truck with snake decals on doors
Randall "Anklecranker" Newton Riding in Evan "Mad" Maxwell's truck
Ram & Amy Castro  
'68 Buick
Robert Castro
Sylvia Castro  
Ford Truck
Jake Dark The Mad Max 2 style Black-on-Black.
Cassi Fenner
Chris Gulvan

Pro-street '76 Camaro
Mark Cruz

'72 240Z wide body with SBC 350
Robert Cline

Monte Carlo SS with LS1
Rudy Garcia & friends
Super Freak Customs
  Custom Sport Bike
Iron Horse Customs   Pickup with trailer, pulling two custom bikes
Jeff Kuykedall, brother & friends   Mad-Maxed '76 Ford F150
And many others!    

And thanks to TRIMAC for the tanker!!!